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Generate More Inbound Leads Through Strategic SEO Campaigns Designed For The B2B Tech Marketer 

Did you know that 84% of B2B technology buyers use Search Engines (mostly Google) to locate products and services for their company?

That means potential customers are looking for your company’s solutions on a consistent basis.

The question is: Are they finding you or your competitors?

Unfortunately, these days excellent technical on-page optimization and content development are not enough to increase your company’s presence on Google.

Today, Businesses need to go on the offensive!

Marketers that don’t have a proactive, strategic approach to SEO are falling farther behind the savvy competitors who do.

On top of that, Google had 13 algorithm updates in 2017 and 12 in 2016! From January 2018 to April 2018, there has been 4 more updates!

Scary Right?

That’s why I wrote this book “From Ranking to Revenue: Successful SEO Strategy for B-to-B Tech Companies.”

This book is a step by step guide to creating strategic, proactive SEO campaigns that will drive more traffic to your website and generate more quality inbound leads for your sales team.

These are all WHITE HAT tactics, so there’s no worry about hurting your website or getting penalized by Google. These are the exact same steps I use for my B2B Tech SEO clients that have generated tremendous results.

In This Book, I Take You Through The 5-Steps To Creating A Successful SEO Campaign.

Step 1 Market Research We take a 40,000-foot look at your market, competition, solutions you offer to develop the direction of the campaign.

Step 2 Keyword Research Next, we dig DEEP and identify the search terms your prospects are using to find your particular products and services.

Step 3 On Page Optimization Here we run you through a 16-step checklist on making sure your web pages are perfectly optimized for Google.

Step 4 Link Building We develop a strategic content marketing campaign with the purpose of placing contextual links on websites that Google finds Authoritative and Relevant to your industry.

Step 5 Tracking & Monitoring Finally, we go over KPIs and how to measure the performance & ROI of your SEO campaigns.

We Also Get Into Topics Such As…


The history of the Google search engine. How did it become a "verb" in our culture?


How does the search engine think (hint: like a human) when ranking web pages?


How has the Mobile revolution affected search users and Google?


What top qualities to look for in a SEO service provider?


How to troubleshoot your SEO campaign when rankings, traffic or inbound leads stall?

Meet the Author

My name is Jason Healey, founder of J2H Digital, and I am a recovering Software Sales executive turned marketer who has over 15 years of tech marketing experience.

I have worked with big companies such as Oracle to VC-backed tech startups with two employees. My last corporate position was VP of Sales for a SaaS company in Boston.

I understand the challenges and stresses of generating quality leads for a tech company. I was one of those pains in the ass demanding more leads from my marketing team.

From working with dozens of tech companies as an SEO Consultant, I have created the formula that drives more traffic and generates more inbound leads from the Internet. It’s all in this book!

This book is a great, no-nonsense guide but don’t take it from us. Here’s what some awesome marketers have said about From Ranking to Revenue!

Jason very generously shares his Extensive Expertise, clearly and concisely. “From Ranking to Revenue” is very easy to understand and gives thorough Step by Step Instructions. I Highly recommend this Book for those who want or need SEO help. Kyle B, SaaS Marketer

His step by step explanation makes it easy to do most of the work yourself and If you put into practice what he lays out, you will get better results and more business ! An easy read with tons of insight. Margaret M., Managed IT Services Marketer

Very well written, a step by step process any Marketer can grasp. Rob L., Digital Marketing Executive

Jason Healey is a true master of his craft and an expert in his field. This SEO guide is a must-have for any tech company that wants to generate high-quality leads online. His book is direct and easy to follow. Alicia Sakal, Business Books Reviewer

An incredible author that knows his field of expertise. Maximizing your website and turning it into a revenue machine is vital. Peter C, CMO


There are some incredibly interesting and thought provoking things that you are going to learn inside of this book. I wanted to show you some of my favorite stuff here!


The top three most important things that you will learn:


How to create and execute a strategic SEO campaign from start to finish that will drive more traffic and generate more quality inbound leads


The secret to ranking any keyword in the top search results and increasing your website's Internet visibility.


How to measure and analyze the performance of your SEO campaigns and presenting it to clueless senior execs!


Page 13. We will get into the mind of the Google search engine and what makes it tick.
Page 75. I ONLY share this secret with people who read page 75 (Hint: Mobile).
Page 27. I take you through the 5 step process I use to get tremendous results for my clients.
Page 95. On this page, I'll will show you a case study of one of my Tech clients and the results of using my formula (Hint: 16x ROI).

Like I mentioned before, this book is free.


Oh, and in case you’re wondering…There Is No Catch!